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Driving responsible innovation &

sustainability  transformation

Who we are

We help leading businesses, foundations and philanthropies to design, develop and launch sustainable and responsible innovations.
We use the principles of human centered design, systems thinking and entrepreneurship to help your organization achieve the sustainability transformation required to shape and succeed in your future.

What we do

We help business leaders responsible for Strategy, Sustainability,  Growth,  and Innovation to move forward by focusing on their
Jobs to be Done
Car-making factory
Build a more sustainable
business model

Case: Large Tool Manufacturer: moving away from a use and discard approach

Slicing Meat
Identify or design and 
launch sustainable alternatives

Case: Large consumer goods firm: Launching a

plant-based alternative meat

CT Scan
Redesign our services and products to be more sustainable

Case: Large Medical Device and Hospital Equipment Firm: designing products for longevity 

Build and launch the next generation of healthy and sustainable ventures

Case: Large Pharmaceutical Firm: driving better adherence to life-saving therapies

How we do

We help leaders to answer three strategic questions


What should you do?

We help you define where to play and how to win. Internal initiatives. New Business Models. 


How should you do it?

Creative experimentation and prototyping to accelerate the journey.


How do you organize to do it repeatedly?

Design Organization Structure. Define Processes. Build, Buy, or Partner for Capabilities.

Chief Commercial Officer, Dr.Reddy’s

“Propel changed the way we approach innovation in the organization. We greatly benefited from the ‘Propel Way’ which is to blend the entrepreneurial approaches with traditional consulting ones with a great emphasis on people and not just process”

We are driven by the belief the ESG movement will touch every aspect of every business, and presents a once in a generation opportunity to rethink how business is done from the ground up. We are here to help you on that journey.

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