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Driving growth through

responsible innovation

We leverage the principles of human centered design, systems thinking and entrepreneurship to help leading organizations achieve their growth and responsibility ambitions.

What we do

Job to be done

Redesign existing products and services

Doctor's visit in the hospital room
Designing products for longevity
Large Hospital Equipment Firm
Cig 3.jpg
Eliminating Cigarette Litter
European City

Job to be done

Launch new growth platforms

Slicing Meat
Launching a plant-based alternative meat
Large Consumer Goods Firm
Mobile ads
Tackling misinformation online
A global foundation

Job to be done

Launch Business Model Innovations

Electric Grinder
Moving away from 'use & discard' model to a 'repair' business model
Large Tool Manufacturer
Buying a New TV
Sustainability as a sales proposition for commercial partners
Global Consumer Electronics firm

Job to be done

Build the next generation of ventures

Knee Joint Examination
Driving better adherence to life-saving therapies
Large Hospital Chain
Helping Teen mothers in Mexico get back to learning and earning
A Corporate Foundation
Chief Commercial Officer
Global Pharma Company

“Propel changed the way we approach innovation in the organization. We benefited from the ‘Propel Way’ which is to blend the entrepreneurial approaches with traditional consulting ones with a great emphasis on people and not just process.”

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